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50 Amp Anderson Plug One Into Two

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Product Details

Product Brief:

  • Maximum current 50A

  • New product, quality assurance

  • Regardless of the male and female, Polarity Protected 50A power connections.

  • This product offers customized services to change the size and length of the wire according to your needs.

  • This product can be used to connect solar panels and connect multiple boards in parallel to increase the total power.



Product Details:

50 Amp Anderson double adapter , Usually, the parameters of this product are three 50A Anderson connectors and four 8AWG wire diameter wires. The wire length is 30cm. The product is suitable for a wide range of applications. It is used to connect solar panels, automobiles, high current connector wires, and four-wheel drive Or industrial interconnection, etc. Because the Anderson connector housing is designed to be gender-insensitive, each identical enclosure can be easily connected, so you don't have to worry about inserting them in the wrong way. Each lead is pre-made with machine crimped terminations, and tinned copper cable. Connectors are rated at 50Amps with 8AWG cable.


Product parameters:

Product Name

50 Amp Anderson double adapter

Input Connection

Anderson 50A 2 POLE

Output Connection

Anderson 50A 2 POLE

Output Quantity

1 pcs

AC/DC current rating



10 pcs


7-15 days


1 year