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50A Anderson Connector With 8MM Terminal


Product Details

Product Brief:

This product consists of an Anderson connector, two 30cm wires with round terminals, which can be used directly to connect to the power supply.


Product Details:

The Anderson Plug to Ring Terminals Adapter , The front end is a 1pcs 50A Anderson connector with two copper plated silver terminals , good electrical conductivity, safe and beautiful , Two 30cm long wires are connected to the middle of the round terminal and connector , usually it is 2*8AWG wire gauge , the wire diameter is large and can connect a large current. The resistance encountered during power-on is small, the loss is small, and the conversion rate is high. At the end is two 8mm eyelet terminals , copper material, it is highly conductive, surface pickling, anti-corrosion and durable , can be directly connected to the corresponding power supply or equipment, convenient and fast. Battery plug  can be used to connect and disconnect the folding solar kit easily



Product specifications:

Product name

Anderson Plug to Ring Terminals Adapter

Product weight


Ring terminal eyelet size





Lights, Larger refrigerators, high wattage solar panels,


1-15 days


1 year