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Humidity & Temperature Meter GM1365

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Product Details

Product Name: Temperature and humidity data logger
Model: GM1365
Functional and technical parameters
Measuring range: temperature -30-80 ° C, the temperature of work: 0-100% RH
Recording capacity: 32256
Maximum, minimum: √
High alarm value, lower limit alarm value: √
USB: √
In response to the sampling period setting: √
Alarm settings: √
Light Alarm: √
Low power prompts: √
Dimensions: 126 * 28 * 22mm
Weight: 49g
TEU Quantity: 80PCS
Standard box size: 59.1 * 41.8 * 44CM
Power: 1 / 2AA3.6V lithium battery
Accessories: protective cover, mounting bracket, screws x2, CD, lithium battery