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80A Forklift Connector


Product Details

Product Brief:

  • Female socket is #4(25mm2);male plug is #6(16mm2)and #425mm2).

  • The terminal is made of stainless steel ring and the contact resistance is small.

  • Multiple voltage coding pins to prevent mis-insertion of different voltage products.

  • The Female socket can prevent electric shock.



Product Details:

The 80A high current forklift battery connector, It is divided into male and female heads. The male part is 73.8mm long, 57.78mm wide and 25.4mm high with 7 small parts. The female part is 128.49mm long, 100.99mm wide and 43.4mm high. With 8 small parts.( There are a total of 3 models of forklift connectors) Suitable for all six commonly used voltages :24V,36V,48V,72V,82V and 96V with polarization and voltage coding pins, Streamlined design housing/high resistance to acids and harsh environment, Voltage keying provides additional safety, preventing cross voltage mating. It have Two main contacts, Four auxiliary contacts, voltage key and air supply,3 hexagonal voltage coding pins for wet, dry/gel and air supply, Optional with removable handles, Operating temperature :-25 --- +120 ,applicationelectric vehicle,high-current and voltage place.