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160A Forklift Connector


Product Details

Product Brief:

  • Shell color : Black

  • Rated Current : 160A

  • Rated Voltage : 150V

  • Maximum Wiring Size : 25mm2

  • Terminal material : Copper Plated Silver

  • Shell Material : PA

  • Fire-Proof Level : UL94 V-0

  • Auxiliary Contact Optional 4 Auxiliary Contacts



Product Details:

The electric forklift battery 160A connector, female socket and male plug’s terminal are #2(35mm2)and 1/0(50mm2) ,It is used in high-current inter-plugs and accessories : railway or mining , telecommunications connections, lithium battery charging heads ,electric forklifts ,sightseeing cars ,and various DC equipment and high-current places. This product is environmentally friendly products, will not fade, will not produce odor. We have already tested it 100% before it leaves the factory. The standard configuration of this product is that the female part has a handle, the male part has no handle, you can also choose the configuration. The male parts can also be purchased separately to meet your different needs. The contact resistance of the product is small and the holding force is stable; the female head contains the terminal for preventing the finger from accidentally contacting the working, and the product can also be provided with a plurality of voltage coding pins to prevent mis-insertion of different voltage products to ensure your safety.