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320A Forklift Connector


Product Details

Product Brief:

This product has three models(80A 160A 320A), Widely used in various brands of electric forklifts, sightseeing cars, high-current places and various mainstream power equipment.



Product Details:

The 320A forklift battery charger connector , It has male and female two parts , Plug and socket housing can be mounted directly to the chassis ,so it also can be purchased separately, please confirm before placing an order. The female part socket terminal is #2(35mm2),The male part plug’s terminal is #1/0(50mm2).The product is a streamlined design with acid and high temperature resistance and IP23. Each part has two main terminals and four auxiliary terminals for excellent electrical conductivity and excellent cycle performance. The connectors come with solder contacts, cable clamp, mounting screws and polarising key. The polarising key can be used in 6 different orientations depending on your voltage requirement. The voltage is then displayed through the connector housing, (24 V, 36 V, 48 V, 72 V, 80 V, 96 V).