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50A Dust Cover


Product Details

Product Brief:

  • Name: Anderson Double pole 50 amp plug dust cover

  • Materialrubber

  • ColorRed and Black two kinds color

  • EffectProtective connectors and terminals



Product Details

The Anderson Double pole 50 amp plug dust coverIt consists of a cover and a ring. The cover is used to cover the head of the Anderson connector. The cover is made of high-quality insulating rubber and has a fire rating of UL94 V-0. It is safe, wear-resistant and resistant to pressure in complex and harsh environments ensure the safety of the plug. The ring is used to hold the body part of the connector for a fixed function. Our company provide all kinds of Anderson connector and the Anderson connector extend product .If you have any needs ,please connect with us customer service ,we will solve your problem within 24 hours .We have a mainly product catalog ,you also could reference it then choose what you want or what you want to custom made.(connect us for the catalog in email or wechat or online). Usually we will arrange production as soon as you complete the payment, or we will arrange delivery for you as soon as we have the stock. Our company has long-term, strong and stable delivery ability, we have Ex-factory prices and competitive prices and strong promotional policies. Our price, quality and service are very good, welcome to ask for price and order.