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2 Pin Deutsch Connector

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Product Details

Product Brief:

This product is a gray housing with a 2pin automotive connector and is a high performance rugged automotive connector ideal for use in harsh environments. This product is divided into two parts, male and female. The shape and terminal are different. It can be purchased separately. Please confirm the product model before purchase.(The Male Model is DT04-2P,The Female Model is DT06-2S )



Product Detail:

2 pin Waterproof DT series Connector Kit, It includes a male female plug, 2 wedge locks and 4 needles. The outer casing is made of thermoplastic material and has IP68 waterproof rating. It is suitable for all kinds of severe environments, ensuring good connection and stable operation. This product is a wire-to-wire connection. The suitable wiring size is 14-20AWG. The terminal is made of copper alloy material is a stamped shaped contact,  A solid state contact is a mechanical contact that uses a four-way indentation system to crimp the contacts to the wires. Solid state contacts are the most commonly used contacts due to their extremely high durability. the shell has a 2pin cavity arrangement, and there is an integrated latch for mating. Two wedge locks ensure contact. Point alignment and fixing. Can be used in an environment from -55 ° C to 125 ° C, has very good performance . This product is ideal for engines, transmissions, and chassis. Can be unaffected in harsh environments, such as for construction, off-road, heavy goods and agricultural vehicles.




Introduction to the installation and use of the product: