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Plastic Mobile Power Socket Box


Product Details

● Multiple sealing technology unique high wear resistance, never leak
● unique multi combination, multiple conductive connection mechanism to ensure stable power supply delivery
● Original line pipe contraction adjustable structure
● exclusive configuration cold, wear resistance, oil resistance, high-performance dedicated cable
● products using polymer materials, fully enclosed structure, the new fashion design
● automatic exhaust pipe, line pipe to avoid entwined
● Stainless steel cable outlet, reduce line pipe friction
● steel spindle easy to break, durable
● Bilateral ball bearings smoother, extend product life
● Use steel pawl seat, easily deformed, easy dislocation
● 180-degree move, easy to use
● Configuring mobile installation structure, removable and easy to move
● Use Automotive Special self-locking quick connectors, high pressure
● Working pressure: 1 ~ 16KGF / cm2, temperature: -40-80 ℃
● Applies to the workplace vehicle maintenance center, workshop, various away gas supply, power supply.