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350A Anderson Connector

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Product Details

Product Brief:

  • According to the wire gauge you need, choose the aperture of the terminal for your convenience. The 350A terminal has 1\0AWG and 2\0AWG.

  • The color modular housing can be easily distinguished and correctly paired with the same color model connector.

  •    No load (terminal insertion and removal times 10000) with load (120V hot swap 250 times)

  • The product adopts a foolproof design to ensure safe use.

  • Fire rating: UL94 V-0

  • Environmental standards: RoHS



Product Details:

Anderson 350 amp battery electrical connector, This is the largest model in double pole products. Regardless of the plug or socket, the same color is inserted into a pair. Plugging and disconnecting is simple and fast. The shell is made of high-impact plastic and can be used in harsh environments. The terminal adopts “self-cleaning” design to ensure the surface of the pin is clean and clean, ensuring the reliability of low contact resistance. The copper-plated terminals feature a special "snap-lock" design that allows the connector to be used in high-vibration environments and provides fast-breaking of high-current connectors. The stainless steel spring plate ensures constant contact pressure and the ability to remedy intermittent overload during frequent insertion and disconnection operations.




Temperature Rise Charts: