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50A anderson connector

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Product Details

Product Brief:

  • No matter the male and female, the same color docking

  • The plug is impact resistant polycarbonate and the connector is silver plated solid copper terminal

  • Rated Current 50A ,Rated Voltage 600V

  • Different color indications of the housing and the control function of the interface prevent mis-insertion of different voltage power supplies

  • Stable current and voltage, suitable for all major current applications

  • The product quality is superior, the appearance is beautiful, and the price is affordable.

Product Details:

50 amp Anderson Battery Plug-in Style Connector, The Anderson Double pole series product. The housing is made of high-quality PC flame retardant material, fire rating UL94 V-0, safe, wear-resistant, pressure-resistant, to ensure the stability of use in complex and harsh environments. The inner spring piece is made of thickened high-precision manganese steel, which is vacuum hardened and elastic. The copper thickened silver-plated terminal greatly enhances the electrical conductivity, which helps to avoid ignition when a large current is passed, and ensures stable current transmission. The copper terminal is convenient for cold pressing, welding and wiring. The Anderson double pole series have yellow ,orange ,red ,gray , blue ,green , black seven kinds of color, but unlike the single pole series of products, this can only be docked with the same color, because the interfaces of different colors are different.

Product use effect and Characteristics:

This product has special effects such as pressure resistance, acid resistance and waterproof. It can be used with a variety of auxiliary products, which is the best choice for your daily life.